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Love my SI

Our response: Enjoy Your Ride


Was looking for this specific car, FOUND IT here at US AUTO WHOLESALERS, INC on 408 Broadway in Newark. These guys have all the right whips available. Love my Acura TSX manual 6 speed!

Our response: Thank you for your review!

So happy with my Honda. Its all I ever wanted

Our response: Thank you for choosing US Auto Wholesalers, Inc.

Got a good deal with my poor credit

Our response: we got you covered

Second car purchased from US Auto Wholesalers. These guys are the best, process is super easy!!!!

Our response: We enjoy doing business with your family

Love my RDX

Our response: Thank you Angel for your review, drive safe and enjoy!

Awesome 2014 Accord, Super Easy Process, Very Happy with my Purchase

Our response: Thank you for choosing US Auto Wholesalers, Inc.

Real Deal @ US Auto Wholesalers, Inc. Straight Forward and Good Cars



Very Happy with US AUTO. Will recommend to Family and Friends

Super Place

I was able to buy a car here. They helped me get financed and got me the car that I needed.

2005 Honda Civic EX

Not sure if they made a mistake or that I got lucky or what but I recently purchased a Honda Civic 2005 EX from US Auto Wholesalers in NJ for a fraction of the prices listed online. My gf told me its probably a lemon but so far so good, even my uncle who's a mechanic checked under the hood and all systems go! I'll def recommend them to my friends and family. Not only were they affordable but those guys were real cool and down to earth too. They had a huge selection and made it easier for me to choose my new baby.

2002 Nissan Maxima

These guys are great! I bought my car for far less than my sister did and I got a newer car. I love my car, thanks guys.

2011 MINI Cooper Countryman S

"SHOUT-OUT TO MY BOYS AT US AUTO WHOLESALERS, INC. for my 4-Door 2011 MINI Cooper! I found them thru KBB, they had the lowest price for the same exact Cooper I wanted but then took a step bck and said that this ws too good to be tru but the boss told me that they were delivering the vehicles at WHOLESALE and also had a SEVEN-DAY GUARANTEE...that was enough for me...I got my whip at 2K below consumer's market...I basically got the dealer's wholesale price! Again, thanks again guys...ya'll DEF the BEST! X" — Yelp.com

2002 Honda Accord Ex

After avoiding the need to purchase a vehicle for over a year, I was referred to US Auto Wholesalers by a friend. I purchased a fully loaded 2002 Honda Accord. My entire experience was very positive. George was excellent to work with and really cool. The car is perfect both mechanically, and looks. Thanks to US Auto Wholesalers, I was able to be approved where others turned me down.

2012 Audi A6 Quattro

I would like to give a shout to everyone at USAuto Wholesalers and a special thank you to the owner for personally hooking me Up! I still can't believe I purchased the A6 Quattro for 10K below the retail market price. My friends all think I got a way with highway robbery but I referred them to US Auto in NJ and told them about my little secret! Thanks again, you guys are the best. Bar none!

2011 Fiat 500

"Many thanks to everyone at US AutoWholesalers for delivering as promised. I was a bit skeptical at first but they openly explained their whole operation of acquiring their vehicals at wholesale prices and therefore, selling them at the cheapest rates...hey, whatever works because I adore my cute lil' Fiat! lol :)" — Yelp.com

2009 Jaguar XF

Once upon a time... ...I use to be infatuated w/ cars but after a couple of horrific accidents, totally gave-up and relied on NYC's MTA service. But after several years, I long to eventually drive again and own my own automobile. With that being said, I eventually got over my fear of driving and began looking for the right car...after several grueling months, I was recommended to US AUTO WHOLESALERS by an ex-co-worker, and let me tell you, I honestly found my dream car! Not only was the Jag practically in "mint" condition (even the rug was spotless -- for a 2009 whip?! Un-heard-of!), it only had 21,000 miles on it! (Icing on the cake!!) I purchased it for less than 10 grand...that not a discount, it's a steal — and I thank USAW for the ultimate hook-up...a thousand & one thanks to David, George, Henry, Jose & the rest of the gang! Kong from theKONGLIST® 2.0 | Brooklyn, NY

2006 Honda Accord EX Coupe

"Honestly, I really dread going to the dealership to purchase a car. It's not the fact that I'm a girl, it's the time involved with negotiating a deal. I've been held hostage all day before, forced to lunch on their vending machine food and god-awful coffee, Yuk! But the guys at USAuto Wholesalers made it a breeze. First of all, they had over 50 photographs of the car I wanted and it looked exactly the same in person as it did online so right then and there, I knew they were legit. Secondly, the whole buying process took less than 1 hour, I arrived around 1030am and left before noon. They run a real quick n efficient ship and I would like to thank George and Henry for making my purchase less nerveracking than it should be, Muah!" — Facebook.com

2006 Acura TL

After going through a divorce, my credit was trashed and I was in between jobs. US Auto Wholesalers was able to get me in to the 2006 Acura TL, with no income proof, and bankruptcy. Thanks US Auto Wholesalers for trusting me!

2003 Honda Accord Ex

"At first, I thought US Auto were a bunch of scammers because their prices seemed too good to be true but after two visits to their outdoor lot in Jersey, they won me over (not that they have to) -these guys are legit. Trust me. Secondly, they don't seem like the average sleazy car salesmen who have their own agenda. They actually showed me the bumps and scratches the car had along with a broken side mirror on the passenger side that they ordered for and fixed in less than 24 hours. I purchased a green 2003 Honda Accord Ex sedan with leather interior at rock bottom price and have yet to have any issues at all -knock on wood. Thank God I stumbled across them on Craigslist -otherwise, the cheapest find was about $1,500 more at the next town over. I recommend USAW to my co-workers, friends, and family. Ash W. XoXo's" — Cars.com

CONSUMER AWARENESS - Avoid Fraud • Avoid Lemons • Avoid Scams

US Auto Wholesalers™, Inc. are "reputable" pre-owned wholesale car dealers who are affiliated with CMI™ — Certified Maintenance Inspection. We believe in customer satisfaction and the only way to achieve that is through "integrity" | "Integrity" by means of selecting a "quality" pre-owned vehicle, "protecting" our cars through CMI™ — Certified Maintenance Inspection and offering them at low "affordable" rates. Buying a car can be a nerve-racking experience, we're here to make it as "easy" as possible and we -at USAW, are looking-out for you & your car with the CMI™ Protection Plan. Buy EASY, Breathe EASY because you're "protected" by CMI™ - it's that EASY.

2004 Nissan Maxima

-SOLD- 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5SL: $6,395.00 -SOLD-

2005 Nissan Altima

-SOLD- 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S: $7,995.00 -SOLD-

2003 Nissan Altima

-SOLD- 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5S: $4,595.00 -SOLD-

2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE

"I had searched through various online dealerships looking for a car for my daughters. Many had cars posted for cheap prices, but once you I would go to the physical location, they would not have the car and try to sell me something else. A lot of these dealerships used gimmick cheap cars as "callers" to lure in customers. USautowholesalers was the only exception. They had the car I wanted, at the advertised price, and actually showed me the car and let me test drive it before asking any questions to try to up-sell me a more expensive vehicle and waste my time. The staff was very helpful, courteous, and genuine in helping my family and I through the car shopping process. They never pressed us to make decisions and were open on all information. A lot of dealerships also charge outrageous "hidden" fees that will sky rocket the final price of the car, not at USautowholesalers. They told me straight up that none of that nonsense would be added to the price of the car. The final price of the car was a very good value, the car itself was perfectly intact and run great, and above all their service was stellar. It was a genuine pleasure doing business with them, and I want to really thank them for being one of the few dealerships who actually cared about what the customer wanted. I definitely recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking for a good car deal and dealing with helpful and caring folks in the process." via Yelp

2005 Infiniti G35

-SOLD- 2005 Infinit G35: $6,995.00 -SOLD-

1999 Mercedes-Benz ML320

-SOLD- 1999 Mercedes-Benz ML320: $5,995.00 -SOLD-

2003 MINI Cooper

-SOLD- 2003 MINI Cooper: $6,995.00 -SOLD-

2006 Chevrolet Custom Express Cargo Van

-SOLD- 2006 Chevrolet Express 1500 Cargo: $6,995 -SOLD-

2005 Toyota Sienna Special Edition

"I've done my research and began looking on Craigs list and found US Auto Whole salers. They were very helpful and very nice guys." — Cars.com

1999 Saturn SL

-SOLD- Saturn SL: $2,295.00 -SOLD-

2001 Honda Civic

-SOLD- 2001 Honda Civic EX Coupe: $4,295.00 -SOLD-

2002 Honda Accord Special Edition EX Coupe

"This place is awesome. I looked at and test drove several different cars before finally choosing a black 2002 Honda Accord Special Edition Coupe. For anyone looking to purchase their first car like me, I would definitely recommend them to others because they were very accommodating to my needs and work around your budget. Thanks so much guys for being so helpful and understanding...Happy Halloween!" — Cars.com

CMI, inc. - Business-to-Business Testimonial NY, New York

After conducting business with these guys, we quickly learned that not only were they an eclectic bunch, they were a tightknit group of stand -up individuals working as a team. The folks at Us Auto were not only sales personnel with great personalities and automotive knowledge, but they were Forthright, Honest, And Trustworthy! — From Al, Alex, Jorge, Joseph, Sam, Stephen, Timothy & the Gang at CMI™ inc.

Message from US Auto Wholesalers™ - Showroom located in North Bergen, NJ CLIENT TESTIMONIALS Tri-Sta

We -at US Auto Wholesalers™, are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our commitment & dedication to meet the needs of every single customer. Loyalty is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many, you can count on our committed & dedicated auto sales staff to make it the best buying & selling experience possible — Management

2004 Nissan Altima

Thank you US Auto Wholesalers, Inc. I am very happy with the deal I received on my Nissan Altima. The car runs great, my monthly payments work for me and I have full customer service support for any questions I had since I purchased the car in July. Thank you for helping me, Jasmine from Jersey City

2007 Chrystler Sebring

Honestly, best car experience that I ever had. They went, and i mean this, wayyyyyy beyond to make sure I left with a car that day. The prices advertised are they correct prices unlike some of these predatory dealers I have dealt with in the past. I went to one, that i'll nickname PIO, and they said that the prices listed were only "wholesale" for dealers to buy out right buy the bunch. They changed that tune as I was leaving and told me that that would be the full price if I was paying cash. So the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid that was $5999 to finance, ended up being $11,000 with a payment of $345 for 48 months. Grand total: $18,000 FOR A CAR THAT HAD BEEN IN TWO ACCIDENTS!! And they really swore to me that this was the best that I can do. I almost took that stupid car like an idiot. I came to US AUTO Wholesalers a few weeks later, and there is this Superwoman named Anna. OMG. Yeah, she did more than a human should do, on her day off mind you, to help out and I was able to use the car for Uber and get out of the hole I was in. Believe me, this is where to go to get a car. Especially Uber hopefuls. And when i'm ready to buy another car, i'm coming HERE!!!!! And just so you know, they do, IN HOUSE INTEREST FREE FINANCING!!!!!!! Please save yourself the headache. And FYI, I don't write reviews for anyone. In fact, I always say I am or that i'd like to, but this couldn't go without sharing. Seriously, save me.

2004 Mitsubishi Galant

I am so impressed with US AUTO WHOLESALERS the fact that the advertise a car and then sell it for that same price is really really great. I've purchase cars in other places before and always got ripped off. This place is legit, I recommend US AUTO Wholesalers in North Bergen, NJ The service is great, the selection of cars is awesome.

2005 Nissan Altima

Very Happy and Excited with my New car. Thank you Anna for great customer Service and being patient with us. Going over and beyond to help and accommodate.

2002 Ford F-150

Sold $2,100 Another Satisfied Customer

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